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Thursday, 1 May 2014

Unique ? YES, Rare Vintage Fabric ? YES, HOURS of work ? Yes ... cheap ? erm...NOOOO

So if you put hours of work into finding, matching, cutting, sewing something however much joy you get from that process ( and I do love doing all that ) how expensive should it be ?

Pricing is always a dilemma I think! however... these beautiful vintage fabric quilts have to be priced to reflect the work and care that I put into them so ,no , they will not be cheap I am afraid.

If it's made of hexies like this... then each one has been hand cut and then hand sewn together ! it takes HOURS ! My more expensive quilts also tend to feature hand quilting and finishing too.

Even without fabric sourcing overheads ( you cannot just pop into a shop an order them, and once you DO find a fabulous vintage fabric it then requires laundering, ironing and so on) each of these a particular quilts takes 30 to 40 hours to put together. Factor in the rarity value of some of my fabric - some of the Heals and Boras vintage fabrics used are in themselves expensive - and you get to a not inconsiderable price !

The ones below are £225 to £275

However the results are lovely ...and they are genuine heirlooms I feel :)

I will have some slightly cheaper ones - basically where they require less handsewing/finishing. However they are all still made made of vintage fabrics . This blue/red/orange/olive one is in production at the moment and will probably be circa £150 to £200 depending on the final finish regarding wadding - at the moment it is a generous single bed size but it could be extended to a double size at additional cost. I must admit though I'm going to be VERY tempted to keep this one ...!

( it rather suits my family/dining room !)
PS SEE look how nice it looks on my dining room table !

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  1. What beautiful pieces! I love your colour schemes and fabric choices. I still think they are a bargain - I often see quilts in the US selling for far more - maybe they have more of a tradition of valuing hand work over there.


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