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Monday, 22 October 2012

Who Painted this 1960's painting ?

Can anyone help me ID this painting ? it's not for sale  but my friends parents would love to find out some more information on it . 
Bought in 1965, believed to be called 'Athena block print' (although that seems unlikely - bought from Athena were they around then ?) Apparently one of a pair - the other being to view of the little girl from the front. Size is 46 cm by 60cm. The signature is hard to read Eli Byorn Larmam or something.... 1963. Any help much appreciated.


  1. Just found out Athena Art retailers opened in 1964 in Hampstead so it was a print purchased from then I presume.

  2. see http://www.etsy.com/listing/83504912/reserved-chr-bjorn-larsen-kristina-1969

    someone clever mentioned on the Folksy Forums that you can search Google for images with an image, so i did, an this was top of the list, after yr post :)

  3. oh WOW ! thanks so much ... you are clever !

    The info' on that listing was ...
    " Minerva Reproduktioner, Copenhagen 1969
    A reproduction of Christian Bjorn Larsen's 1963 Kristina. From a private collection.
    Made in Denmark. "

  4. I found the 'pair' to it now http://www.etsy.com/listing/104641468/1971-christian-bjorn-larsen-kristina-ii

    "#14 LARSEN Girl in Thought".

    About the artist:
    Christian Bjørn Larsen was born in Buenos Aires in 1931. He studied at the Arts and Crafts Society in Gothenburg, Crafts School under Professor Lüchow-Nielsen in Copenhagen, and at the Art Academy in Stockholm. His works were featured in exhibitions in Copenhagen, Odense, Aarhus, Malmö, Sundsvall, Gallery Blue Fire, Oland, and at the invitation of Dusseldorf city of Die Brücke. He has also done covers for magazines, book covers, and film posters (his most notable is with Ingmar Bergman). He also did work for Unicef Greeting Cards Collection in 1965, Unicef Calender in 1967. and was selected in 1968 by UNICEF's Arts Committee, together with seven other international artists to participate in UNICEF-Fine-Art Reproduction.

  5. many thank to talented printmaker A Deegan who can be found here http://handprinter.blogspot.co.uk/


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