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Sunday, 21 July 2013

.. and when I'm not sewing.... gardening and cooking !

So when I'm not sewing I'm gardening and cooking.

These are my outdoor Cucumbers

 ... and my courgettes ( zuchinni ...)

It looks like there will be a be a bumper crop of cucumbers and courgettes this year so I guess a few people might like this recipe. I use it every year and my Mum in particular is addicted to it .

1.5 KG of diced cucumber and/or marrow and/or courgettes
1.5 KG of diced cooking apples
225g of finely chopped onion
100g of Sultana, 100g raisins, 100g dried apricots, 100g finely chopped ginger, 50g almond flakes
1.5 kg of sugar
900 ml malt vinegar
60 ml Whsiky - optional 

Spices  4 teaspns Mustard seeds, 1 teaspn chilli powder ,  1 teaspn salt , 1/3 teaspn ground cloves, 1/3 teaspn nutmeg

Bung it all in a BIG pan and cook for 2 hours . Bottle / Jar up into CLEAN STERILISED jars. As with all pickles whilst you may use straight away it is MUCH better if left for a couple of months.Great Christmas pressie too ....


Friday, 12 July 2013

Aren't People LOVELY ! some of my Favorite folks

I have been delighted by some recent gifts and prizes by some super people who I have met here in cyberspace and I thought I'd share their kindness with you :)

1. A talented Etsy 'Craftyfolk' team mate thought of me when she came across some fabric and kindly sent it off to me. I recieved it today and it's LOVELY ... xxx

SO MANY THANKS! to the fabulous 'FloNightingale' ! she has a great Etsy shop FloNightingale - here's my fav item in her shop - it makes me smile :)  ( click on link for the shop ) ...be expecting something in the post 'Flo' x...

2. I had a fab little gift from LauraMillen too ( click on link for her shop ) - a cute heart pendent ! I had sent her some of my tiny vintage fabric shops thinking she could do something with them.... and so she did! her resin jewellery incorprating vintage fabric is very sweet . Here's the pendent next to one of my bunting flags .... THANKS xx

3. A couple of weeks ago I won a competition on facebook run by the fabulous Holly of H.E.R. Vintage . One of the prizes were these sunglasses .. and I have worn them constantly ever since ! ta Holly - if you like vintage clothing pop over to her facebook page ( click on the H.E.R vintage link above)

4. And a final belated thankyou to Janet of VintageGirlUK ( stunning range of vintage patterns ! ) - we had a lovely chat a few weeks ago when she bought over some fabric she was clearing out and I have been busy this week making up some skirts for the summer from it ... CHEERS M'DEAR !

P.S. a while ago I bought some super fabric from a lovely lady on Ebay and used it to make curtains for our hallway . She had a little reluctrantly decided to parted with it but I thought she'd like to know it had found a good home so I sent her to the link to this blog ref: purple hallway post and she was pleased to see it being used. Anyway yesterday I recieved a surprise parcel from the kind Heather -thanks very much Honey :) LOVE it ALL !