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Thursday, 14 June 2012

Another Retro Mouse Giveaway!

Just a few days ago I passed a milestone - a total of 3000 followers on Twitter! so it seemed like a good idea to celebrate with a little gift!

I'm giving away one of my Retro Mice - it'll be one of these green/pink/black/white fellows made in Vintage Bark Cloth. He can also be found on my Website http://www.audreyscatvintage.co.uk/


To enter you must promote one of my items or one of my shops - as my website is fairly new it would be especially nice to get some extra views on there!

To be entered you MUST tell me ON THIS BLOG what you promoted and where - it can be on any social media such as twitter, facebook, pinterest, stumbleupon, flickr, google+, blogging.

You can see all my shop links on the right hand side of this blog.

The Competition will close 9pm Friday 22nd.

I will select a winner at random on Sat 23rd and announce it on my blog/twitter/facebook (one of my kids will pick a name out of a hat!)

Thanks ! Love Dawn

EDIT: THE WINNER WAS..... Clare Sherwin ! ( drawn out from a hat by my youngest Mon 25th June 8.30 am - sorry I was a bit late on doing the draw/announcement!)


  1. Congratulations on reaching 3000 followers. I've just pinned one of lovely bags http://pinterest.com/pin/278871401896581517/


  2. Wow! What a great milestone!

    You know I love your items and your mice are super cute, which I can testify too as have purchased one in the past!

    I would love to be in with a chance of winning another, so have popped your shop and this gorgeous retro fabric apron onto my facebook page.

    AM also pinning it on pinterest and will stumble it on stumble upon.

    Fingers crossed!

    Natalie x

  3. Congratulations, I've not ventured into twitter yet it always looks too scary to me!

    I've stumbled a few pages from your website and pinned a few mice and a pony!

    Clare xx

  4. Fab giveaway and glorious mousie - I love the colours! I have posted about your website on facebook;
    and pinned your waggy Jack Russell (set of three aceos) too!

  5. I pinned this cushion. I so want it! And I tweeted my pin. Does that count as two social media and therefore two entries. ;)



  6. I'm keeping it simple M'Dear and putting in one entry per person. Although I'm interested to get hear what was promo'd and where to see if I can pick up any trends in views or subsequent sales ( well you never know !)

  7. Congratulations. Loving your newish website and have promoted one of your gorgeous cushions on Facebook http://www.facebook.com/pages/Juniper-Spools/237280552967145

  8. He is absolutely adorable!!

    I tweeted about one of your fab bags on etsy!


  9. I think your little retro mice are the sweetest things :)

    Congratulations on your 3000th follower! That really is something.

    I have pinned to my Folksy board:

    I pinned two mice (one was the brown floral and one had pink roses) and I pinned your vintage flower brooch.

    You have an amazing shop, I will remember to visit a bit nearer to christmas!

    Emma (An Owl to the Hollow) x

  10. Tweeted https://twitter.com/ericahughes/status/214025795285422080

  11. Hi Audrey

    Loverly mouse. Shared the piccy of him and your blogspot address on both Twitter and Instagram. Already had 2 tweets complimenting it!

    Hope you get lots of lovery new followers

  12. Congrats on 3000 followers! I've tweeted your gorgeous vintage fabric brooch! http://www.etsy.com/listing/98156321/vintage-fabric-daisy-70s-retro-brooch-in

    Michele (TheLaughingButterfly)

  13. wow 3000 followers. I have tweeted your giveaway via @craft_comp

    Here is to the next 3000. :)

  14. Ooh, keeping things crossed - I love your meece. I've pinned one of your cute ponies from your website here... http://pinterest.com/pin/249246160597777613/ - congrats on your rather large following! Shaz x

  15. Have just retweeted your Giveaway! I'm @SockYarnShop on Twitter :) Cute mousie ^..^

  16. Just a reminder folks - to be entered in the draw you need promo either one of my items or one of my shops and let me know on here, not just RT the comp tweet - but thanks if you've done that too! x

  17. Great giveaway! Just facebooked your website https://www.facebook.com/pages/Dottie-Designs/100220390018721

  18. Congrats are reaching 3000 followers. Your retro mouse is so cute, thanks for the giveaway. I tweeted your brooch page on Folksy and the giveaway on your blog, and then I posted on Facebook your retro rabbit.
    Linda @MixedKreations

  19. I love your mice, so i am hoping i win :)
    I will tweet your shop on my twitter page.
    And congrats on getting to 3000 followers.

    Donna x

  20. Thanks for a chance to win one of your beautiful mouses! I tweeted your shop (@velvetbarnacle)
    Well done for reaching 3000 followers! I still have quite a way to go...

  21. Just to let you know i mentioned your blog for the versitile blog award. Join in if youw ant, i just wanted to share your blog with others.

    Donna x

  22. I promoted your brown leaf mouse http://pinterest.com/pin/106608716149651044/

  23. I have promoted your blog on FB, your lovely summer brooches on Etsy via Twitter, and this event via Twitter. I love your work Dawn and whoever wins the mouse will have a treat. Good luck. x

  24. This comment has been removed by the author.

  25. This Giveaway is now closed - I (or rather one of my kids)will be drawing out a 'winner' tomorrow and I'll be announcing in one here/twitter/Facebook. Thanks for joining in and for all you kind comments!

    ( closed at 9.08 pm Friday 22nd June - not sure why time stamped 13.08 ish I must have wrong time set up somehow!)

  26. APOLOGIES - an unexpectedly busy weekend delayed the draw/announcement .... HOWEVER the lucky new owner of the mouse will be ...de da da de da da DAH!

    CLAIRE SHERWIN ( Contact me Claire!)

    Thanks to my youngest for doing the draw this morning.

  27. Well done to Clare! Such a great prize, a bit jealous!!!!

    Natalie x

  28. Hey, guess what? You've just been nominated for the Liebster Award. Nip over to With U in Mind for the post :)

  29. Hi, I have nominated you for a Versatile Blogger Award, to add it to your website please check my blog (http://inkyprintsintheattic.blogspot.co.uk/) for the rules. Good luck if you go ahead, either way I love your blog. x


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