Loving the vintage vibe!

Here's where I'll share my obsession with vintage fabric! It's taking over my house!

I'll sharing with you my favorite fabrics, my 'adventures" in dressmaking using vintage patterns, some home furnishing ideas and no doubt I'll be telling you about any exciting finds! Love to hear about your vintage adventures too!

My first Shop was AudreysCat ( online shop May 2010) , but my new logo / name - WittyDawn , arrived Jan 2014.

I hope you'll have time to browse my shops too !

Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Bye Bye Website ( AudreyscatVintage )

Well I tried it and although it wasn't too bad to create and use it didn't really work for me - there are only so many shops one can promote!

SO my website AudreysCatVintage will be disappearing soon.

HOWEVER AudreysCat STILL exists and florishes on Folksy primarily showing my cushion collection - where you can select from over a 100 vintage fabrics  so why not head on over and check out  AudreysCat on Folksy - Cushions and Vintage Fabrics . Maybe you'll find JUST what you are looking  for ? If not ... just ask... I STILL have others not listed ;)!

And don't forget to Check out WittyDawn on Folksy for my other items and even MORE things on WittyDawnUK on Etsy :)

Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Fabric weaving - another way to use my scraps

I've been on a bit of a quest recently to sort and put to good use all my fabric scraps .

Over on BritishCrafters I have seen someone who make pin cushions from woven fabrics ( I will pop a link/photo on for them when I find them again!)

Ah HA ! I have a basket FULL of strips of fabric - these are the hems from my repurposed vintage fabric - wider ones have been turned into patchwork piece but as you can see I had all these narrower strips.

So I've been having fun weaving them!

I now have a few 12 inch square pieces - what to do with them ? what do you think ? I can turn them into 12 inch cushions, make them a little larger for bigger cushions or just bias bind the edges to make them into table mats. I like the latter option myself. I'm also going to work out a basket idea - I'll let you know how that works out :)

Monday, 7 April 2014

A bit more dress making from Vintage Fabric

I got this GORGEOUS red fabric from a very nice chap at Lou Lou's vintage fair in Cheltenham recently and there was JUST enough to make a skirt

As you can see I sadly had to run the pattern across the drop waistband because that was the only way I could cut it but it's OK I think.
I will point out a bit that I learnt from the Great British Sewing Bee - can you see where I can understitched the lining VERY close to the seam?  Yes it IS worth doing and it makes the top edge of the skirt waistband line beautfully flat. I've picking up useful tips every week form that show!

This skirt had it's first outing on Friday when I went out to dinner with friends :) 

Thursday, 3 April 2014

Easter Bunnies everywhere!

Now I have some large rabbits in my shops but although they get shared/liked/treasured they just don't seem to sell so I though I ought to try some smaller ones...

Here was the first prototype - who very quickly found a home with a regular customer - with one of his bigger brothers ( you can see him here 'Big brother ' rabbit )

I have since tweaked the design and made a load more!
In fact I made quite a lot... my house is becoming a rabbit warren....
They are trying to make a home in my new red bowler hat !

In you'd like to help me out by rehoming some you can find them here:
WittyDawn Rabbits on Folksy
Witty Dawn Animals on Etsy

Great for Easter ( or Christmas Stocking, wedding favours, new home etc gifts)