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Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Our entries ( and some success! ) at out Local Horticultural Show

As usual we entered some crafts, baking and photos in our local Horticultural Show. 

Lots of beautiful exhibits and lovely things to see !

My eldest  won the bread section ( 2nd year running) with this bread rolls ....
  I won the 3 items of craft section ....
and we loved the veg animals made by some local kids .

I also got 1st in a number of the Art section and OH and youngest each had 2nds in various photo categories.

Our successful day was nicely rounded off as I won a hip flask ( YAY!) and a roast dinner voucher at a local hotel.

It was a lovely day, well organised by our local Stratton and Baunton Horticultural Society and I hope that then Macmillan charity raised lots of money from all the super events and stalls on the school playing field!

Thursday, 15 August 2013

Yes ... still wearing 'curtains' ....

  Well not STRICTLY true! ... however a few year ago I bought 19 m of this lush gold/silver/brown leaves on black silk dupion. I think I paid about £160 on ebay ? It was intended for some full length curtains for our bedroom ...

Which  , yes ,  I did indeed make.. but since then I've been making clothes with it too! you can see the curtains and the 1st dress ( vintage vogue pattern) I made with it here ....

I've recently pulled this roll of fabric out again, and I have a couple of formal dinners coming up. So I've made a full length dress , teaming this fabric with some fabric my OH bought back from India for me. This was from an adapted '60s vintage pattern. I have also made a full length - almost circlar - lined black skirt. This last item is perhaps my favorite - fabulously 'swishy' and glamourous !

I think so far I've made that £160 outlay work pretty hard !

What's next ? I think I have enough left for a 50s swing coat ... watch this space ... ( but you may have a long wait .. i've been doing A LOT of sewing recently! )

Thursday, 1 August 2013

WOW! featured in House Beautiful

So those lovely people at House Beautiful contacted me regarding how I use vintage fabric in my home and they have kindly featured our house in their Sept issue ( out 1st August p64 ) . Enjoy :)

( the house stayed this tidy for a couple of days ... but then the piles of vintage fabric slowly invaded again !  )