Loving the vintage vibe!

Here's where I'll share my obsession with vintage fabric! It's taking over my house!

I'll sharing with you my favorite fabrics, my 'adventures" in dressmaking using vintage patterns, some home furnishing ideas and no doubt I'll be telling you about any exciting finds! Love to hear about your vintage adventures too!

My first Shop was AudreysCat ( online shop May 2010) , but my new logo / name - WittyDawn , arrived Jan 2014.

I hope you'll have time to browse my shops too !

Tuesday, 7 December 2010

My New ACEO and Artwork shop - Audrey's Art

I'm very excited to be setting up new artwork shop - Audrey's Art on Folksy this weekhttp://www.folksy.com/shops/AudreysArt . I've already had a few sales and people seem to like my work so that very encouraging. This horse has already been very popular!

ACEO is an acronym that stands for Art Cards Editions and Originals. They measure 2.5 inches by 3.5 inches.These are becoming highly collectable and trade'able. At the moment I'm filling my shop with prints of my existing artwork but I'll also be adding original pieces too. There's currently a lot of people trying their hand at this form on Art on Folksy and some really interesting pieces being created.

Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Cheered me up!

Well It's been a long unproductive week or so as I've had this grotty cold/cough ....and I don;t function well on only 5 hours broken sleep a night. My Twitter buddies will have become familiar with my hate: hate relationship with 'Chesty' the cough. Yes he has been hanging around long enough to develop a personality - think Father Jack from Father Ted - a very apt suggestion from Twitter buddy @hhjtinygems (psstt...follow her she's lovely)

BUT BUT BUT this has made me smile every time I walk into the room. Finally got this framed thanks to some birthday pennies from Mum. Itsn't it just fab ! jealous much....?

Wednesday, 10 November 2010

70's Carousel Horse Wall Hanging!

I am finally getting this fabric made into a Wall Hanging - Ta! Mum for some birthday pennies for this.

Each horse is about 30 cm high and the total size will be over 1 m squared - I have a very retro room for it to go in - 70's sideboard, orange feature wall etc.!

There be a bit left over which I might use for a cushion or a feature panel on a bag or two ( one for me, one for sale ? maybe...)

Monday, 1 November 2010


This competition is running from Mon 1st Nov from 9am until 9pm Sunday 7th Nov.

The prize is this very cute make up bag / purse made in unusual vintage fabric. This fabric is a countryside design called 'Bardfield' by Moygashel. I will post this free of charge to the winner. It is lightly padded, fully lined in cotton and has a good quality zip. It measures 17cm by 15cm ( or approx 7 by 6. inches).

You will be entered in this competition if:

1. You Retweet the competition Tweet AND Tweet about any other item you like in my shop. If you include @audreyscat in your tweet it would be useful.


2. You follow me on here and also add a comment to the Competition Post mentioning any other item you like from my Folksy shop.

I will pick the winners name out at random on Sunday evening (7th Nov) and contact the winner on Monday 9th.


I am thinking about doing a monthly Competition like this, if this proves successful - what would you like to win next time??

I will be listing some more make-up bags in this fabric on Folksy if you want to buy one!

Thursday, 28 October 2010

'Blood and Bones' Muffins!

Blood = Beetroot, and Bones = white choc chunks!

500g Beetroot (cook,drain,blend,cool), 250g self raising flour, 225g sugar, 1 teaspn baking powder, 2 eggs, 75 ml veg oil ( I use Olive oil), 75 ml milk and a handful of white Choc chunks.

Mix oil, eggs and sugar, add flour/baking powder, add cooled/blended beetroot, add milk.

Bake for about 20 to 30min on about 180. Check after 20min as ovens do vary. You'll get about 12 to 16 larger ones but this year I'm going to make mini muffin sized ones so I should get loads!

Monday, 25 October 2010

Dark Artists from Folksy - chills for Halloween.....

I was going to do a post featuring Halloween clothing items but Folksy are already featuring some great things and I suspect that they'll be plenty of Blogs covering that aspect by the end of the week. So I thought I'd do a different aspect and had a look at some of the more gothic art being produced. Some amazing things.....here's what I found.....

By Malice in Underland 'Alice in Wonderland Gothic Lolita Art Print' http://www.folksy.com/items/843737-ALICE-IN-WONDERLAND-Gothic-Lolita-Art-Print

It's all about the prints 'Ackerrari' http://www.folksy.com/items/821285-Ackerari

Harriet' Imagination 'Revenge is Sweet' http://www.folksy.com/items/770293-Art-Print-Revenge-Is-Sweet

GhettoGran Stencil Art 'Marilyn Manson' http://www.folksy.com/items/900709-MARILYN-MANSON-hand-painted-canvas-pop-art-original-stencil-artwork

Silent Theatre ' Black Rose' http://www.folksy.com /items/776113-Black-Rose-glossy-A4-print

Saturday, 9 October 2010

Car Trouble??

I’ve been thinking about Cars…..

Primarily because we have a had a recent MOT bill ( boooo….).

Now I hate driving …I mean REALLY hate it.

I only started driving again recently after a break of about 20 years, lost my nerve after a couple of accidents ( and no I wasn’t driving at the time). A patient driving instructor has got me on the road again with a refresher course. Now I know I can actually drive ok, but still don’t want to ….and after years of not doing it find it had to build it into my life!

However I do like stylish cars and loved being driven in the Citreon DS we used to have. Our best moment was when after a heavy rain storm a section of road was flooded – we just set the hydraulic suspension on it’s highest setting causing the car to rise up higher than normal and just coasted thu’ causing some amazement – my niece wanted to know if it could fly too!

So anyway thought I’d do a car’y blog featuring some Folksy sellers and maybe give some ideas for more bloke’y Xmas pressie. Enjoy…..

Mini Illustration from Lynsey Hunter Illustration http://www.folksy.com/items/781485-Mini-Cooper-car-Ink-and-collage-illustration?shop=yes

VW Bugs Photo from Alice’s Photo Shop http://www.folksy.com/items/735125-Bugs-

Camper Van Cushion from Top Floor Treasures http://www.folksy.com/items/572961-VW-Camper-Cushion-by-Top-Floor-Treasures

Vintage Car Clock from Fizzy Popov http://www.folksy.com/items/867281-Vintage-Motoring-Tin-Wall-Clock

Thursday, 30 September 2010

A Horse, a Horse my Kingdom for a Horse!

A Horse’y Obsession – In my youth I was a very keen rider, working at a local riding school and involved in training young horses. I always used to draw horses when I was younger and have resumed that habit! My new venture in 2011 is to open another shop with my artwork – but I don’t just do horses…..In the meantime I will be regularly featuring some of my work.

SO... here’s a selection of Horse inspired items from
the Folks at Folksy!

Striking Collage Horse Picture by Mangle Prints, for more info click http://www.folksy.com/items/760053-Folk-Horse-Paper-Cut-Collage

A rockin’ rocking horse by CherryLoco Jewellery, for more info click http://www.folksy.com/items/589273-The-Horse-of-Rock-necklace

Cute little orange horse from Court&Spark (reminds me of my carousel fabric) , for more info click http://www.folksy.com/items/851077-Dala-Folk-Horse-Decoration-Pale-Orange

A stylish lampshade from Zedhead LTd , for more info click http://www.folksy.com/items/689925-Horse-Print-Lampshade-Cream

Friday, 24 September 2010

A bit of a Red,Black andwhite theme

Some of the lovely Red/Black/White things on Folksy

‘Love’ artwork by Pen and Ink, beautiful work, I bought ‘Singer’ for my Mum http://www.folksy.com/items/600373-Love-Ink-Drawing-Print-

A fun ‘True Love’ necklace by Cherryloco http://www.folksy.com/items/835385-True-Love-Necklace

Pendent by NRJevelleryDesign , fantastic jewellery click http://www.folksy.com/items/792321Tiger-eye-pendant

Red flower necklet by Uniquely Yours - you can’t have this one because I bought it but have a look at her other lovelies ! click http://www.folksy.com/shops/uniquelyyours

Thursday, 23 September 2010

Autumn Harvest - Apple Curd

If you've loads of apples like us you might like this? It make a good Xmas pressie as well though you'd have to make it later on in Dec.


1/2 lbs Marg or butter
2 lb Apples
2 eggs
1/2 lbs Sugar
Juice of 1 lemon

Boil and pulp apples on pan, add sugar and margarine/butter. Reduce heat to gentle simmer slowly beat in the eggs. Cook gently for 1/2 hour add lemon juice. Cook and fill clean ( ideally sterililzed) jars. This will keep for 2 months - a bit longer if kept in fridge. You could spice it up a bit with cinnamen.

Friday, 17 September 2010

September Stars for w/e Fri 17th

Some of the lovely things listed by the ‘September Stars’ on Folksy

(September stars is a daily listing group – the idea being to list something every day in Sept)

By Pants and Paper click http://www.folksy.com/items/813201-Brooch?shop=yes

By Whimsical Wren click http://www.folksy.com/items/814173-Alice-in-Wonderland-Charm-Bracelet-2-?shop=yes

By Odd Girl Creates click http://www.folksy.com/items/814513-CUTE-STUD-EARRINGS-Black-Cat?shop=yes

By Miss Bohemia click http://www.folksy.com/items/814849-The-Mermaids-Song-Oberon-Fantasy-Necklace?shop=yes

Thursday, 9 September 2010

A Cascade of Cushions

As part of Folksy "September Stars" , list an item a day challenge I'm going to working may way through listing this little lot! ( and that's not ALL my cushion - oh no....) Don't they look fab together?

Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Chocolate Courgette Loaf / Pumpkin Loaf

Hi all, a few people have been asking me for these recipes. The Pumpkin Loaf recipe was orginally given to my by a fellow Allotment holder on my old plot in Enfield. I've adapted it for courgette as well.

This is a DAIRY FREE recipe, keeps well and freezes beautifully - I usually make 2 at a time, one for now and one to freeze. I've also used the same recipes for muffins just reduce baking time to say 20 mins.

Need: Loaf Tin 9" by 5" , ideally loaf tin liner/greaseproof paper, Oven pre-heated to 175 C

8 oz Plain Flour
1 teaspn baking powder and 1 teaspn bicarb of soda (Baking soda)
1 teaspn of cinnamen
1/2 teaspn of salt
8 oz Sugar
6 fl. oz of Olive Oil
2 eggs
8oz of mashed/cooked Pumpkin (which equals 12oz when uncooked)
6 oz raisins ( or chopped apricots or apple whatever)

1. Replace pumpkin with uncooked grated courgette (zucchini) 250 grams
2. Add 2 or 3 heaped table spoons of Cocoa
3. Raisins are fine in this but chopped apple or raspberries are even better

TO make:
Combine sugar and oil then add beaten eggs
Add dry ingredients
Add your choice of pumpkin/courgettes/fruit/cocoa
Bake for approx 1 hour - CHECK - may need another 15 to 20 min depending on your oven


Friday, 3 September 2010

At the Stratton Show - Bank Holiday Monday

Me and a 'friend' at the Stratton Show. This lovely event was brilliantly organised the Stratton School PTA. We had had a great time at the show - lots of live music, stalls, reptiles( !) and circus tricks. There was also the Annual Stratton and Baunton Horticultural show - lots of huge veg and lovely craftwork.

Had lots of fun selling on my stall and did quite well. It was a very busy show with lots for the kids to do. Hardly saw mine all afternoon !

Came first with this entry and in 2 others in the painting/craft sections of the Horticultural show. No veggie entries this year as my allotment has been sadly neglected - too much decorating to do after the building work

Monday, 23 August 2010

Back from Hols - so a beachy theme.....

My Beachbag at the beach - it's a bit chilly though...

Enjoying the brief Pembrokeshire sunshine...

My Mum braving the rain...

Thursday, 12 August 2010

How to use my crazy fabric!

Well lots of Folksy and Etsy people liked the idea of an A-line 70s Maxi skirt! but here's some other suggestions ( sorry if I've missed anyone!)

Covering cushions on a 70’s ‘Danish’ armchair from http://www.folksy.com/users/prettygoods
Framing using embroidery hoops http://www.etsy.com/shop/SouthernSkirts
Great advice about block framing from http://www.etsy.com/shop/MutantAngel and http://www.etsy.com/shop/jensdreamdecor
A bed headboard ! fab! http://www.etsy.com/shop/SomeWheninTime
Laundry Bags http://www.etsy. http://handprinter.blogspot.com

Wednesday, 11 August 2010

How would you use this fabric!

I've been asking for suggestions on Etsy and Folksy how people would use this bonkers fabric? What do you think?

A bit 70's this time!

Hi All , gone a bit 70's today. Promised Kokokelli I'd look out one of my wacky fabrics to showcase ! Why not pop over to her blog too ? http://kokokelli.blogspot.com

Monday, 9 August 2010

SheUnique - Vintage Shop in Cirencester

Popped in to say hello to Sheila, who has a lovely Vintage shop called "Sheunique" in Cirencester. I was looking for a pastel blue necklace to wear with a hat I bought a while ago from her - and of course she had a lovely 4 strand 40's/50's necklace for me.

Sheila is the driving force behind a number of Vintage events in our area, and as well as clothes, jewellery and other vintage ephemera specialises as a vintage hairstylist and make-up artist. Have a look at http://www.furryfeet.tv/cotswolds/venue_photos.php?id=297 to see more of "Sheunique".

Sunday, 8 August 2010

A Dress I made!

Well this is my entry for the Vintage Vogue competition. The fabric came from a bolt of silk that I bought for curtains/cushions for my new bedroom. It was so stunning when it arrived - and there was so much that I had to make a dress too! ( this is a 5m 'New Look' Dior style dress). This was made specifically for a 40s/50s event here in Cirencester and caused quite a stir ! the organiser contacted me later and said I MUST enter it for the competition. Although I love it I'm not sure it stands much of a chance because I think they prefer interpretations of their patterns for this particular comp and this is just tailored to me and the sleeves shortened. Anyway worth a go - what do you think?

The hat was bought locally, is original and in superb condition - for only £10. The bag I made also and I will be listing custom makes in this fabric and others in my shops over the next few weeks.

Friday, 6 August 2010

Well another week another fabric! a very jolly one too - I'm working with this one at the moment so hopefully loading some cushions in it onto my shops soon.

Hope you like the pendent from Mirribeads - has a kind of retro feel.

I've left my stained glass on for a bit - can you see how the design relates to the fabric on my featured bag? This was just a little left over bit from the fabrics and cushions which I've made for my family/dining room. We not very into subtle in our house !

Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Had a bit of a tweek - starting to look OK I hope! I'm going to add pictures of how I use or have been inspired by retro styles. Sometime it might be a 'new' purchase or something I've made for my home. Hope you like the stained glass panel - I love doing stained glass but haven't had a workspace to do it for ages. This piece took me about 30 hours to complete and it fill what was the old serving hatch between kitchen and dining room.

Saturday, 31 July 2010

Here we go!

Well it still needs a bit of work but at least I'm up and running at last. As the weeks progress I'll be featuring more of my work and that of my fellow sellers - starting with those who have been kind enough to feature my items on their blogs. So hope you like the bag by Mich Yasue of "MyFuroshiki" !