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Thursday, 8 May 2014

Rain Aside... getting ready for Summer Fairs

Now let me say first of all I don't do many fairs ... and those I do tend to be very local and usually connected with friends. However I have a few coming up and I have been stocktaking some of my best sellers ...
   SO this week I have been doing a mouse'y stock take .. and making some more as they are very popular! You can see my mice on Folksy and on Etsy

And also getting lots of brooches ready - at the moment I don't really sell these online as I need to hold some over for this Summer's fairs - but if you spot something here you fancy message me . They are £5 plus £2 P&P . 

I have a fair booked which will have a lot of horse'y types so lucky I got this recently ! I'll be doing something with this and some other horse'y stuff but probably not until after half term.

.... and of course I've been doing my Macmillen Coffee Morning/Open House/Autumn sale for a couple of years now ... this was last Autumn's.... there was A LOT of cake , and proceeds from that, a raffle and 10% of my taking from sales came to about £340

I MUST book in again for this Autumn's Macmillan Coffee Morning ... SUCH FUN! and something in which-  along with many people - I have a close link.

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