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Thursday, 13 March 2014

If in doubt SORT it out....

So it's been a bit hard to get my crafty mojo on recently ... and I decided part of the problem was that I had grown to dislike being in my workroom ! a combination of 2 things really ...

1. SO much fabric in there that the chaos was getting me down
2. Mentally I have been in a " it'll be so much better when I get my own workshop"

now the latter IS true but that could be months away!

What do I do ... sell some fabric?  ... errr NO!

BUT I could have a sort thu' - I have adopted a policy where I have only having one piece of fabric in my workroom/ working stock. As I generally buy vintage curtains that tends to mean I have another piece that is 'surplus' for now so these pieces are going up in the loft.

Sorting has taken some time!There has been piles of fabric everywhere!

 But as you can see some order is emerging:)

I've also gone through all the little odd sized bits that one tends to collect and I am cutting them into mice/birds/hearts to be sewn later on and also into patchwork hexies, see below, patchwork squares and strips for edge binding and cushion piping.

Although nothing is moving forward fast it does feel like I'm making progress! I now have 6 bags of fabric to go into the loft - and I am recording everything I store with a labeled photo in an "in the loft' photo on my PC .

... not much housework is being done though.... ha ha !

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