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Friday, 20 July 2012

it's ALL about Hats....

We've been talking about hats on the forums - and admiring made by Sophie of http://folksy.com/shops/imogensimagination . She makes super hats with flowers, birds and butterflys on them like this - very retro!

And in particular we've also been talking about BIG hats so I scanned a picture of my BIG wedding hat! from Droopy and Browns .... a LOOONG time ago ( the hint is in scanned ....no digital camera then !)

It's all been a bit 'hat'y' this week as I've also just recieved my leopard print and red lace Bubble Betty rain hats http://www.bubblebetty.com/ - devine! now I WANT rain! look out for more piccies of me in my Bubble Betty's to come - even if it's sunny.... (oh that isn't me in this photo it's one from Betty's website ....!)

1 comment:

  1. oh wow! dawn ive just seen this!

    thank you so much for the mention :oD

    i love the hat you wore on your wedding day, you look fabulous!

    and im very taken with your new purchase too...although no praying for rain, we've had plenty enough of that! lol

    thank you so much again,



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