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Monday, 9 July 2012

Christmas ... IN JULY !

Ok I know our Summer weather has been dreadful but making Christmas stockings ? ...REALLY ?

However if you craft to make a living ( well sort of...!) then you won't be alone. Lots of crafters I know are starting to think about Xmas and if you want to stand a chance of being featured in the Nov/Dec editions of magazines then they are looking for items NOW!

So I'm getting busy - here's some of my new Xmas stockings in a luscious vintage ruby red sateen ( 50s/ 60s) - if you like 'em let me know !

All together now..."Jingle bells, jingle bells...."


  1. ah, so it isn't just me then - have decided this is the week to start working on designs for christmas cards!!

  2. Beautiful stocking! I won't think about Christmas until after my holiday.

  3. in a magazine ;My first look at Audreys Cat Blog. Found it :Sewing Collection #178. Saw a pin cushion ring signed in to Magazine and Cat (my passion ) stood out & vo-lah! your blog is great.

  4. Susan m. Jensen again I read your in U.K welcome Im in U.S.A Minneapolis, Minnesota. I love your stocking very much. Will make 2 to 3 for sure. Thank you for sharing U.S.A friend


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