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Tuesday, 22 May 2012

My latest 'House' project

I've been looking for a G Plan table and chairs for a while and was finally rewarded at my local Sue Ryder shop - of which I am a very good customer! So we are now the proud owner of a 'new' dining room set.  To confirm to fire regs the chairs have to be sold minus upholstery so my job this week is renovating and recovering 6 seats. I've made a start ... and I'll post the final results shortly. The fabric is a vintage upholstery weight fabric from the 1960s called  'Pathos' by Francis Price. ( however I also still have 4 other seats and my other dining room table ....opps....)


  1. Love the colours. You've got to love the G plan!!

  2. Hi Audrey,

    Really like the your fabric for your chairs. Will look forward to seeing the full set :) Is it hard to do?

    Blessing Janet

    1. No not too difficult - you need a good staple gun and I use a lining fabric between the foam and the top fabric. Just a bit dull when you've 6 to do!

  3. looks lovely! All of your blog looks lovely, especially the greenness of it! SO lovely that I am nominating you for a Versatile Blogger Award! Details of your nomination are on my blog x

  4. I think I may have written this three times - am nowhere near as good at blogging as you are - love your blog, love the green, love that little chair! Nominating you for a Versatile Blogger Award!

  5. Gosh - how kind, better pop off for a look and think about who I'd nominate...there are SO many good bloggers out there...

  6. Love the fabric, nice color. I have a couple chairs I want to refinish just haven't got around to it. To much other things on my to do list. LOL


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