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Saturday, 9 October 2010

Car Trouble??

I’ve been thinking about Cars…..

Primarily because we have a had a recent MOT bill ( boooo….).

Now I hate driving …I mean REALLY hate it.

I only started driving again recently after a break of about 20 years, lost my nerve after a couple of accidents ( and no I wasn’t driving at the time). A patient driving instructor has got me on the road again with a refresher course. Now I know I can actually drive ok, but still don’t want to ….and after years of not doing it find it had to build it into my life!

However I do like stylish cars and loved being driven in the Citreon DS we used to have. Our best moment was when after a heavy rain storm a section of road was flooded – we just set the hydraulic suspension on it’s highest setting causing the car to rise up higher than normal and just coasted thu’ causing some amazement – my niece wanted to know if it could fly too!

So anyway thought I’d do a car’y blog featuring some Folksy sellers and maybe give some ideas for more bloke’y Xmas pressie. Enjoy…..

Mini Illustration from Lynsey Hunter Illustration http://www.folksy.com/items/781485-Mini-Cooper-car-Ink-and-collage-illustration?shop=yes

VW Bugs Photo from Alice’s Photo Shop http://www.folksy.com/items/735125-Bugs-

Camper Van Cushion from Top Floor Treasures http://www.folksy.com/items/572961-VW-Camper-Cushion-by-Top-Floor-Treasures

Vintage Car Clock from Fizzy Popov http://www.folksy.com/items/867281-Vintage-Motoring-Tin-Wall-Clock


  1. Neat stuff to look at! That sounds like it would have been a cool car to have--and a hard car to say goodbye to!

  2. Wow, thanks Dawn for featuring my VW camper cushion! My dad used to have a Citroen DS :) I love that VW Bugs photo, might have to have a better look at that.
    Thanks again, Zoe x
    PS. A couple of the links don't work ;)

  3. Thanks Zoe - That 'links don't work thing' keeps happening and i can't see why, very frustrating, I'll have another look....


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