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Friday, 14 October 2016

Another recipe - but this time for Dog Treats !

A couple of people have asked me for dog treat recipes so here are the ones that I have used - passed onto me by other kind folks and seen on some great Facebook pages ( eg Lurcher Appreciation Page) :

TUNA BAKE - the one I use the most
1 Tin tuna in sunflower oil, 100 g Self raising flour, 1 egg plus some grated cheese if you like.

Mix, press flat in an oiled microwave dish ( I use a pyrex bowl glass lid) , cook on full full power for 6 to 7 minutes.

Corned Beef bake -
I tin of corned beef , 1 egg, 60 ml water, 300 g plain flour, 100 g cheese
Mix, press into a grease and lined baking tray, cook for about 25 mins at 180 ( 160 fan ) - although I admit I am a bit casual/check it and see about cooking times LOL .

Liver Bake- current fav this makes LOADS
400g liver, 1/2 pint cold water, 400g plain flour ( although last batch I did was 50: 50 SR and plain and was good also, 1 egg, 2.5 fl oz of olive oil

Blend liver and water, mix in other ingredients, bake in shallow greaseproof paper lined tin 30 - 35 mins at 180 degrees. Might have to prick with fork halfway through.

Allow to cool
Cut into small dice shapes
Freeze and then defrost small amount  

Variations ?
You could try rice flour instead of wheatflour
You could try other tinned fish in oil
I only had 250g of liver last time did liver bake so I substituted apple and sweet potato - worked just fine and might be useful if you need a lower fat treat for your dog.

 I have tasted the Tuna and Corned beef ones and the am VERY nice .... but I haven't tried the liver one!

 Here is Tom waiting for a treat - By the way the photo was taken by Steve Shepard - Candid Canines

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