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Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Mum's gone to Iceland ... with the rest of the family

So Family Witt went to Iceland... and it was blumming marvellous ...!

We liked :.....Arriving to a stunning airport (Kevlavik)  in driving wind and rain, wide open views, the hospitality, waterfalls, geysirs, volcanoes,  lupins growing wild by beaches with black volcanic sand, the 'whoop whoop' bird outside our lodge and it NEVER getting dark, Ponies EVERYWHERE, immaculately maintained roads/paths/'tourist' attractions etc. Oh and the spas - how we LOVED the spa's and 'hot pots' we had our own a our lodge 'hot pot' fed directly by thermally heated water. Great coffee everywhere, NO PARKING FEES!, Kids getting in either free or much reduced rates everywhere, those yummy Icelandic donuts,  My OH absolutely loved his new camera that's for sure.

OK , it's kinda windy and drizzly but as hardy folks who dress for the conditions that doesn't matter! An example is a walk we did up a mountain to get to a hot river .... wet weather gear required whilst walking  and swimsuits for bathing in the river ...you gotta be prepared for anything :)

 I miss Iceland...I miss the space and the skies and openess to the mountains and volcanoes on the horizon ... it's almost TOO lush back here in the UK!

Piccies of Reykjavik in my next post :)

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