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Thursday, 1 August 2013

WOW! featured in House Beautiful

So those lovely people at House Beautiful contacted me regarding how I use vintage fabric in my home and they have kindly featured our house in their Sept issue ( out 1st August p64 ) . Enjoy :)

( the house stayed this tidy for a couple of days ... but then the piles of vintage fabric slowly invaded again !  )


  1. Congratulations - looks like a great feature :) Well done on keeping it tidy long enough for the photos to be taken. That would be impossible in my house ;o)

  2. ha ha! it was a bit of a challenge :)

  3. Looks lovely Dawn. Very tidy and neat, beautiful in fact. What's it like now? If it's anything like my house there are piles of fabric and other crafting stuff all over the place. LOL.

    Shirley x

  4. how wonderful!!

    I'm afraid my home would never be tidy enough to ever feature in a mag, 2 messy children and one messy craft ;)

  5. Oh Shirley we are kindred spirits in that regard .... the 'to do' piles of fabric do gravitate to that sideboard a fair bit.

  6. Be assured that the tidyness is of a temporary nature ....

  7. Looks fantastic Dawn, it must be very exciting seeing your home in print. xx

  8. Congratulations - well done. It must be a bit strange, though, seeing photos of your house in a mag. But maybe that is just me. Looks fabulous love your mid - century furniture.

  9. BTW the photographer was a nice chap called David Giles and more of his work can be seen here http://www.davidgilesphotography.com/projects/


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