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Monday, 5 March 2012

Retro Mouse Competition

Just a few days ago I passed gaining a total of 2500 followers on Twitter! so it seemed like a good idea to celebrate with a little gift!

I'm giving away one of my Retro Mice!


To enter you must promote an item from one of my shops, telling me ON THIS BLOG blog what you promoted and where - it can be on any social media such as twitter, facebook, pinterest, stumbleupon, flickr, google+, blogging.

Here are my main shops http://folksy.com/shops/AudreysCat , http://www.etsy.com/shop/audreyscat and http://www.swankymaison.com/about/audreys-cat.html you can see the links on this blog too. This is me on Twitter as well @audreyscat.

The Competition will close 9pm Sunday 11th.

I will select a winner at random on Mon 12th and announce it on my blog/twitter/facebook (one of my kids will pick a name out of a hat!)

Thanks ! Dawn


  1. Hey Dawn, I just checked out your Folksy shop. I absolutely LOVE your Retro Vintage Fabric Pony -- tweeted it from @plutoniummuffin and @featherfrog54, and also totally getting one for my friends birthday! SO cute <3 You're inspirational

  2. I LOVE your mice :) I just shared a link to one of them on my facebook page (which links through to twitter as well) and I have one on my Folksy favourites pinterest board x

  3. Great giveaway, thank you! My sister loves her mouse I bought from you, so I'm very happy to promote, especially if it gives me the chance to win one for myself!! I've shared one from your Folksy shop on my Facebook page, http://www.facebook.com/pages/That-Fuzzy-Feeling-Felt/188157201222170
    Liz :)

  4. Hi Dawn
    Just shared your lovely retro dog from Etsy on my facebook page (lots of dog folk on there)


  5. Hello. I've just had a look through your folksy shop - you have some wonderful items. They would make great gifts. I've promoted one of your cute little mice on my facebook page (www.facebook.com/sayitonline). Thanks for doing a giveaway. I'd love to have the chance of winning one.

  6. That Mice made my day, seriuosly...so lovely:)..SHARED:)

  7. Best mice & best ponies too! I've pinned your beautiful green & blue pony here: http://pinterest.com/pin/249246160597255609/.

    Good luck to everyone, but I hope I win ;)

    And well done on the mass of Twitter followers!

    Shaz x

  8. love the ponies, have pinned the doris apron and then tweeted it. hope thats ok. http://pinterest.com/lonelyhearts/
    Hannah. x

  9. I have tweeted the following from your Etsy Shop.

    Retro Vintage Fabric Boho Bag - 70s Countryside Design

    Great competition and congratulations on reaching that astounding amount of Twitter followers!!

  10. Just tweeted one of your gorgeous retro mice, orange of course!

  11. I love this cushion cover

    have promoted it on my facebook page Mish73 xx

    Fingers crossed for me as he can keep my other mousie company x

  12. I love all your vintage fabrics but especially the jungle print as you know! http://folksy.com/items/2959498-Retro-Childs-Nursery-cushion-Zoo-Jungle-70s-vintage-fabric- Have tweeted this and your shop Di

  13. You know I love all your items, aprons, mice, cats, dogs, handbags the whole kit and kaboodle! I shall facebook your comp in just a minute and will stumble your shop again for you!

    Fingers crossed, I would love a mouse loose about this house, said in a broad faux Scottish accent!

    Natalie x

  14. What a great giveaway and well done on 2500 followers! I tweeted this :o)

    How gorgeous is this? By @AudreysCat http://www.swankymaison.com/gifts/gifts-for-her/gifts-for-her-under-15/retro-collectable-purple-mouse-pin-cushion.html

    Fingers crossed!

    Dottie x

  15. I tweeted this gorgeous pony http://folksy.com/items/2673345-Retro-Vintage-Fabric-Pony-a-cute-Horse-in-50s-Barkcloth-

    x Donna X

  16. Tweeted https://twitter.com/#!/ericahughes/status/178568077364047872

    Have also written about your lovely things in the past.

  17. Just pinned your black and red mouse as he's lovely :) Here's where its pinned http://pinterest.com/pin/278871401896090347/

  18. HI ALL ! thanks so much for entering

    My eldest picked a name out of a hat and it was....drum roll.....

    Lynda ! AKA SIMJATA ! I'll be contacting you for your details Lynda ( or you can send them to me via Folksy or Etsy...)

    Well done!

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  20. Love the Retro mouse.I promoted on of your bags in your etsy shop on twitter.


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